Natalia Ulloa


Licenciatura degree in Bilingual Preschool Teaching, Universidad Hispanoamericana, 2015

I am from Costa Rica, I have been teaching for three and a half years, and I have been at Lighthouse International School for two years as the Pre-kinder teacher. I have been married for six years and we have no children yet. I train for triathlons as a hobby and I love baking. I love teaching at LIS because my relationship with God is what matters the most to me, and being able to share with my students God’s love for them gives purpose to my life. What stands-out the most from my personality is that whatever I do, I do it with all my heart.

Pilar Drouilly


Bachelor Degree in Bilingual Preschool Education, Universidad Hispanoamericana, 2002, Costa Rica

I am recently married, and can see God’s faithfulness in our lives. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am thankful for the daily blessings God gives to my life. I have been working at Lighthouse for three years. A great privilege about being a teacher is to see your students every day, and get to know their minds and their hearts.

Adriana Barahona

Kindergarten Assistant


Debora Ramos

Preparatory Assistant

Student, Universidad de Costa Rica, 2014-present

I am from Costa Rica. I have been teaching for a year, and have been at LIS for a year. I am passionate about Jesus and I try to reflect His love through teaching. I love teaching at LIS because we are a family and every member of the school is a part of it.


Jessica Salamanca

First Grade

Master’s 2000

I am from Bolivia and have been teaching for more than 15 years. I have lived and worked in many countries and have been blessed to experience different cultures. I have been living in Costa Rica for the past 4 years; I am married to a Tico and have a one year old son. Teaching is my passion and it’s a gift God has given me to share of Him and His love! This is my 4th year at Lighthouse and I love working at this school!

Gloriana Kelly

First Grade, Assistant

Bachelor degree in preschool education, Universidad Hispanoamericana, 2013

I am from Costa Rica, and have 6 years’ experience working with children. I love to do crossfit and travel. I have been at Lighthouse for 1 year, and I love that having a relationship with God is the main focus of the school. I like to do more than I’m expected to.

Aemilii Melby

Second Grade

Bachelor of Teaching in Elementary and Spanish Education from Winona State University, 2016

I grew up in northern Minnesota along the shores of Lake Superior. I was recently married in July 2016. I have a passion for reading, learning new things, various sports (snowboarding, volleyball, basketball, etc.) and teaching. In my life, I have had many teacher role models who have taught me the beauty of guiding others and learning in the process. The Lord led me to LIS last February through a student teaching experience. I am grateful to start my teaching career here at LIS.

Emma Hall

Third Grade

Bachelor in Special Education from Georgia College and State University, 2010.

I am from Atlanta, Georgia, and have been living in Costa Rica since 2010. What I love most is listening to music and being with my family and friends. I started teaching in 2011 and have been at Lighthouse since January of 2015. What I love most about Lighthouse is the close, Godly relationship that there is between staff and students and how it helps me on a daily basis in my walk with the Lord.

Shawndra Chase

Fourth Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, Minnesota State University Moorhead, 2006

I am originally from northern Minnesota. I taught third and fourth grade for six years in Houston, Texas. This is my fifth year teaching fourth grade at L.I.S. I absolutely love the Lighthouse community of staff, parents and students! My husband and I have two lovely golden retriever dogs and a baby girl on the way (due in April)!

Kim Osborn

Fifth Grade

Elementary Education, Ceadarville College in Cedarville, Ohio, 2003

This is my first year at Lighthouse International School.  I am originally from the United States, but married a Canadian and moved there in 1999.  My husband and I met in South Korea while teaching at an international school there.  I’ve had approximately 5 years of teaching experience at a variety of schools in South Korea, the U.S., Canada and Costa Rica.  My husband and I have 5 children.I love the opportunity to share Jesus on a day to day basis with the children.

Liz Zelaya

English as a Second Language

Certified Teacher State of Texas

I was born in San José, Costa Rica but grew up in Sarchí. I gave my life to the Lord when I was seventeen and since then He has continually helped me make all the important decisions.

I began my teaching career in Houston, where we lived for more than 16 years. I have been part of the Lighthouse family since its beginnings as the kindergarten teacher, Learning Support Program, and English as a Second language Program. I pray that the Lord will allow me to be a blessing to my colleagues, parents, and especially the students.

Adriana Brealey

Spanish as a Second Language

Bachelor in Education, Universidad Federada de Costa Rica, 2015.

Licenciatura in PreSchool Education, Universidad Federada de Costa Rica, 2014.

I’ve been part of LIS for 8 years, and in all that time I have seen the love of God reflected in my students. I love my work and see how through education you can leave a mark in each life. I’ve been married for 9 year, and in my free time I like to be with family, read, and practice dance in the church. I’m always grateful for the blessing of coming to this beautiful institution that was born in the heart of God.

Yendry González Sánchez


Bachiller universitario, UNED.

I am very passionate about what I do, I have 13 years of experience. I am the proud mother of 15-year-old Paula and 18-year-old Jafet, happily married for 20 years to Edwin Chan, and owner of a very special puppy. I really enjoy sharing the joyful message of God’s word with children and showing them that being a Christian is not boring, on the contrary we are creative, happy, dynamic and brave people.

Gloriana Barrantes
Vanessa Poveda


Bachelor of Bilingual Preschool Education, Universidad de Costa Rica and Universidad Nacional, 1987.

Kindermusik Licensed Educator, 2012.

I was born and raised in Costa Rica. When I am not in the classroom, I am a wife and a mother to my three sons. My hobbies include hiking in the Escazu mountains with my husband and my huskies and designing vintage furniture. I started teaching in 1990, and this is my ninth year teaching music at Lighthouse International School. Working at Lighthouse International School has been a very rewarding experience. I’m very grateful and honored to be a part of such a caring community that recognizes the importance of Christian values as part of life. Each and every day here at Lighthouse, I am reminded of my passion for teaching music and for making a difference in children’s lives.

Marco Mora

Physical Education


Kathy Sabean

English & History

Bachelor Degree in Education with an emphasis in English, Universidad Estatal a Distancia, 2007

Twenty five years ago, I married my teenage sweetheart and had two children who are now teens. I was born in Costa Rica, but my parents were North American missionaries. After working in non-Christian institutions for many years, it is a breath of fresh air to work in a place where I can pray with my coworkers and students, share what God is doing in my life, comfort others with passages from God’s word, and seek counsel when I need a wise word of advice. It is a privilege to help children on the way to their future. “The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.” (Dan Rather)

Lynne Allen

Science and Global Issues, Secondary
Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, 2011

I grew up in Western Washington State and moved to Costa Rica right after I graduated with my teaching degree in 2011. I worked for a year and a half at another school before joining the Lighthouse team in December, 2012. I am married to an amazing Tico man and we love being outdoors, biking, playing frisbee, swimming at the beach or hiking. I love working at Lighthouse because each day I get to spend learning and growing with an amazing team and incredible students. Starting off each day studying
God´s word, praying together and worshiping our creator is such a blessing!

Roxana Araya


Licenciada in Teaching, Universidad Estatal a Distancia, 2015.

I live in Santa Ana, and I have 14 years of teaching experience, nine of those at Lighthouse. I am especially interested in the knowledge of Theology and research. Teaching is my passion because I am a teacher by vocation, I love what I do and I believe that makes a difference in my work.

Marijke Armstrong

HS English & History Teacher

MEd, Mary Washington University, 2008

In 2010, I came to Costa Rica looking for adventure. Since then, I have met and married the man of my dream, had two beautifully vibrant children, lived in five different houses and never regretted a second! I have been at LIS since I came and absolutely love the fact that beyond the pages required in the books, I have a chance to talk about life, faith, morality and ethics. Working with teens has been more than I could have ever asked for on so many levels. From the questions asked, to the stories told, I never cease to be amazed to see how faithfully God pursues His children through every step in life.

Nicholas Davenport

Science & Biology

Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education in Science and Social Sciences Grades 4-8,
Emmanuel College, 2005
Master’s Degree in Science Education Grades 6-12, Piedmont University, 2011

I am from Raleigh, North Carolina, but I have lived in Virginia and Georgia as well. I have been teaching since 2005, so this, I guess, would be my 11th year (wow time flies by). I have been teaching here at LIS since 2013. I love teaching here because I have students that want to learn and be pushed, but that I can also have a relationship with, and I am able to invest in them as a whole person. I would say that I am an adventurous person, a bit of a risk taker, and I live my life so that I do not have any regrets. One of my slogans for life is I don’t live to work, I work to live. Meaning, I love my job, but I do it so that I can live life to the fullest. I especially love water activities and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I am married to the wonderful Mrs. Amy Davenport—the best decision I’ve ever made—and we have two beautiful dogs Leo and Maní.

Ariette de Bruin

Literature & Composition, Chapter Advisor National Honor Society

Bachelor in English Literature and Secondary Education, University of Zwolle, The Netherlands, 2001

I was born and raised in the Netherlands where I got my degree in both English and Teaching. I worked for several years as a high school teacher in the Netherlands and then moved to Northern-Ireland to work for a missionary organization. Meeting my Costa Rican husband made me move to Costa Rica in 2009. We have a five-year-old son, Mateo, and a one-year-old daughter, Tahlia. I have been teaching English at Lighthouse International School for almost four years now and it truly has been a blessing to be part of the Lighthouse family.

Arnold Valdelomar
Xinia Rojas


Bachiller en la enseñanza del Español, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, 1987

I am Costa Rican, and this is my seventh year at Lighthouse. It has been a very edifying time in my life because my daily lessons are infused with Christian values. I thank God for allowing me to work in a school where individualized attention can be given to the students.

Juan Pablo Sánchez

Estudios Sociales MEP

Graduated in Teaching Social Studies and Civic Education, National University of Costa Rica, Baccalaureate 2013 and Licenciatura 2015

I live in Barva de Heredia, and two of my five years of teaching experience have been here at Lighthouse. I love reading about issues of contemporary history, social movements and historical novels. Another passion is soccer which I like to watch and play. As a teacher I believe in an education for life and the construction of meaningful learning. That is why it is important to know the context of the student, since they are the reason for our vocation. Teaching is summarized in the following sentence of Paulo Freire, “Learning is not measured by the number of pages read in a night, nor by the number of books read in a semester. Learning is not an act of consuming ideas, but of creating and recreating them.”

Paolo Vincenzi

Physical Education & Sports Coordinator

Bachelor in Physical Education, Universidad Florencio del Castillo, 2016

Bachelor in Busisness Administration (in progress)

I am married and I have a 7 and a 5 year-old sons, there are two awesome kids, I love them extremely. I love to be involved in any kind of sport. I have an American Football Academy and I enjoy every moment when I teach at school and at the academy. I also help the “Comite Cantonal de Deportes y Recreation of San Joaquín de Flores” doing any kind of recreational and sport activities. I have been working at Lighthouse for 6 years, the first 3 years as flag Football and Volleyball coach; this is my third year as a P.E. teacher and Sports Coordinator. I am blessed to be working at Lighthouse, I love to work in a place that keeps me close to God.


Catalina Cordero


Licenciada en Enfermería, Universidad Santa Lucía, 2016

I live in Desamparados, I love nursing and I am dedicated to serving the Lord through my profession. I love sharing time with family. Since I arrived at LIS I have found noble hearts that make me feel blessed to be part of this great family. Every morning I arrive with the illusion of serving with love. One of my biggest desires is that our students enjoy perfect health.

Liza Vargas González


Licenciatura in Psychology, Universidad Católica de Costa Rica, 2008.

I was born in Costa Rica and live in Rohrmoser. I have been working in educational psychology since 2010. I am deeply passionate about because it is a great opportunity to assist students and their families in the emotional area, which is as important as their academic development. God gave me the blessing of joining Lighthouse in January 2016, for which I am extremely grateful because it is an extraordinary place where people’s hearts are important, and is pursuing intimacy with God. I have been married for 7 years, and my husband and I serve together in our church´s worship ministry team.

Fiorella Fúster

Technology & Digital Learning

Master in Education, Framingham University, 2014

Passionate about technology and education, I was born in Costa Rica and I’ve been a teacher for 10 years. I’m a veteran at Lighthouse – I’ve been here since it opened its doors in 2008 – and working here is such a joy since we all strive to care for children’s hearts and reach the highest standards of education.

Amy Mishoe-Davenport

Librarian, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and EE Coordinator, MUN Advisor

B.A. Corporate Communication; IB Certification, Emmanuel College, 2006

As a southern girl from the foothills of North Carolina, I grew up with a deep appreciation of good people, good food, and our Good Lord, Jesus! I graduated from a small Liberal Arts college in Georgia, where I also met my fun, awesome husband, Mr. Davenport. I love reading, writing (words are my passion), Ultimate Frisbee, our two dogs (Leo and Maní), and I love to help lead others in finding their identity and passionate purpose in Christ. My work experience ranges from Higher Education, to Creative Arts in church ministry, to writing for a variety of platforms, and now to a Librarian and IB Educator. I have been working at LIS since 2014, first as a long-term substitute, and then, as of 2015, as the school Librarian, and for me working here has been an absolute joy and an answer to years of prayer.

Yorleny Portuguez

Community Service Coordinator

CAS coordinator, and Community Service Coordinator.

Degree, Bachelorette on Bilingual Preschool Education Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, American Studies UCLA.

I’m from Costa Rica, I have 13 years of experience on Education , and 5 years working at Lighthouse. Education is a passion in my life, I love the idea on how to teach children through service, I have been doing this for 2 years in Lighthouse and every day I can experiment the big heart the students show on people from our community.


Juan Mezza


Opilio Brenes


Marcia Cajina


Zenelia Leal


Patricia López


Sandra Muñíz